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A raucous, nonstop space adventure with a troupe of Shakespeare actors. The Bard would be proud!--Bonnie Ramthun

...This is not your normal run of the mill science fiction novel. This book is full of mystery, humor and quite a few surprises. You really get to see Jack even evolve from being the 18 year old who is just a horn dog to becoming more like the old Jack but more balanced as well. While we don't know a lot about the old Jack in the beginning it's nice to see the "new" Jack evolve, grow and develop. I really enjoyed this book and I rate it 5 out of 5 stars. I love a good science fiction read and I've not read a lot of Space operas but this book is number 1 on my list no doubt. I honestly can't wait to read more in this series. This is one book that I will be recommending to all my friends who love a good science fiction space opera read. Two thumbs way up very well done indeed.--Seraphia

A Jack by any other Name is a fun mystery in space with clones, spaceships, other planets and different species with Shakesperian Theatre thrown in. With its mix-ups, mishaps and humor it reminded me of Janet Evanovich's writing. I liked it!--Amazon customer.

The very first sentence drew me into this book, 'Mr.Jones, we need you to kill a man" only then to have both the speaker and the reluctant Mr.Jones immediately shot. But Jack Jones is not dead, or well, he is (um!) but is revived, 32 years younger with his memories only to that point in his previous life: now aged 18, Jack is a clone of his previous self. He is tasked with trying to discover the identity of his murderer, posing as his own son aboard the intergalactic theatrical ship, the Shakespeare, as a singer and entertainer (amongst other duties), a ship captained by his once wife...--N. Miles

What a story! Sorry you were murdered, but don't worry you're back now and you can solve your own murder...well as soon as you figure out how to function as yourself again. Yeah...it was an amazingly fun ride reading this story. The random Shakespeare thrown in just made it better for me!--V. Padrnos


                      jack book 1 cover

         A Jack By Any Other Name

        The Space Operetta Series: Book 1.

When interstellar singer spy Jack Jones has to solve his own murder on the Shakespeare things do not go smoothly.

First his clone body loses thirty years of memories, and then it starts experiencing strange urges and abilities. As he investigates he discovers brigands, space pirates and a secret faster-than-light drive, which could push the galaxy into war.

He would sing a song, solve the mystery, and save he day--if only he could remember how.



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Jack's story continues with             Jackpot: Jack Jones Story 1     January 2018

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